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Projects that have actively used

Name Institution
ClouDefSys NCKU
cryptolab NCKU
CYCU-NSL Chung Yuan Christian University
KUAS-antslab National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
NCKU-Demo National Cheng Kung University
NCKU-ITLab Institute of Computer and Communication
NCKU-NM Institute of Computer and Communication
NTUST-ISLab National Taiwan Uinversity of Science Technology
NTUST-MCNLab National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Other projects registered on Emulab.Net:
Name Institution
Bonet National Tsing Hua University
FJU-MSCLab Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan
Past Projects on Testbed@TWISC
Botnet A study on botnet propagation, structure, control and detection by rebuilding an IRC BotNet
twisc Testbed@TWISC Project
EMUtutorial EMU-tutorial
WormDesign The Design and Applications of Friendly Internet Worm
Security Information Security
EmuTest Test the operation and function of Emulab
MMEC Multimedia Communication
Test01 Just a test
HSNET DTN,SIP-based mobile authentication environment
SAVE botnet detection and malicious code detection
ecse network
cryptolab cryptolab in ncku
Spoofing Spoofing Attack Research
iCAST Testbed Project for iCAST student members
npue971 Testbed training and learning for students
iseclab iseclab in yuntech
nsdalab nsdalab in ncku
dyuimb001 dyuimb001 in Da-Yeh University
NetSec Network Security Research in NCNU
RFIDSecurity Evaluate RFID Savant System(Network)
ISLAB islab in ncyu
Stut1 Experimental dos attacks and how to prevent
IIICrystal For III test
baby NIDS Rule/Plug-in Development & Calibration
NCHC The case study of security information, including malicious code, virus, worm, Trojan horses,etc..
swoon project for swoon build up
Insider Insider Threats Modeling and Analysis
Trace Initial evaluation in the testbed
SHTL Testbed Project for NIU Smart Home Technology Lab
NetSecTest Network Security Test for Courses and Research
NetSecClass Experiment environment for security practice
SecurityCamp SecurityCamp Use
iCAST-BotNet iCAST-BotNet for iCAST join Conf
networkclass network class
nkfustis Information Security at nkfustis
ICS-Lab Information Communication Security
ksumis for class
BotTest study of webbot and hacker training
Shadowserver Build up cloud computing center using emulab testbed
StutCAINS network security research
itlabnm Integrating Content-based Packets Processing Technologies on Network Devices
TTU-Honeynet Tatung University-- Honeynet Project
NS-NCKU Network Security Class in NCKU
CS389L CS389L Lab
NFU-CIS-Lab Information Security Course
class982 Yuntech Information Security Class
VANETIPS VANET Intrusion Prevention System
EUFP7 The establishment of EU research cooperation
SSHBotTest SSH BotNet Analysis
TKUCSIE Dependability Tests for Cloud Computing
KSUSEC KSU System Security Class
ESLproj Project at ESL
PDPLproj research
CAFAIS CAFA Information Security Course 2012
EWS4ZEDA Early warning system for zero day attack
iTrust Censorship Resistant Internet Search
KUAS-CSIE course
test practice testbed environment
Hadoop Research cloud computing and virtualization technology
khyeh Demo in Lesson
JUSTsec Network Security Lab
k345125-hw homework
IE-AFATS Information & Electronic Department in ATATS
NSCE011011 Advanced Persistent Attack Protection Mechanism