Bugs and Known Issues

Fixed & New Features

  • [20140517] Add power action for virtual nodes

  • [20140419] First commit.

Emulab Software

  • The latest version of the Emulab software is available upon request from our git repository

  • Emulab GUI Client v0.2 (JAR, source tarball). This is the fancier of the GUI clients for creating and interacting with experiments. The GUI provides an alternative to using the web-based interface or logging into users.emulab.net and using the command line tools. Take a look at the tutorial for more information.

  • Frisbee disk loader. The latest frisbee and imagezip sources can be found in the Emulab release. The last standalone ISO image for a bootable Frisbee client is still frisbee5-fs-20050819.iso which includes binaries built from the 5/16/2005 sources.